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Vacation Delights

April 9, 2008

DH and I are on vacation in Colorado this week, so it’s been a matter of old standbys in the crock pot here at the rental cabin as we’re out and about. Today we went down to Steamboat Springs and had a late lunch at the Old Town Pub & Restaurant. The atmosphere was nice, the prices very reasonable, and as it was so late, not at all crowded. I had a fantastic grilled chicken sandwich that was marinated in some sort of teriyaki, topped with pepper jack cheese, a couple of slices of thick hickory smoked bacon, and an avocado dip on top. I’ll give it a shot at replication at some point. After lunch we walked down the street to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for dessert. Oh my dear God. I think I gained ten pounds from walking through the door. We picked up a couple of Irish cream truffles (to die for!) and for tonight’s dessert a couple of peanut butter buckets–which are essentially extra large, homemade Reece’s cups that are so much better. If you’re ever in Steamboat Springs I highly recommend stopping in.

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