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Review: Marzetti Simply Dressed

October 23, 2011

Foodbuzz is going to think I’m a bad food blogger.  I was supposed to post this by the 20th.  But, well, I live in a small town and despite the generous coupon for a free bottle of Marzetti Simply Dressed salad dressing as part of the Tastemaker’s program , I had a devil of a time actually FINDING any to buy!  So…better late than never.  I DID finally find some and because we are a big time ranch family, that’s the variety I chose to purchase.  I was really excited about this product because I’m definitely into foods with all natural ingredients and no preservatives or other creepy stuff.

From their website:

Marzetti® Simply Dressed® is our newest line of salad dressings. Made with a minimal number of all-natural, simple ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil, canola oil and sea salt, Simply Dressed offers 10 tasty varieties to complement any salad, any day.

And I’d like to add that they are GLUTEN FREE, always a big selling point in our household.

Check out this list of ingredients for the Ranch:

I actually know what ALL OF THEM ARE!  And I can PRONOUNCE THEM!  How awesome is that?
We wound up trying this on a basic spinach salad with avocado (as it’s what we had on hand and I was in a rush to put this together!).  The dressing itself has a definite oniony twang, much more so than other ranch dressings I’ve tried.  Since I happen to love onion, that’s good in my book.  It didn’t feel like a copycat of any other brand but absolutely had its own unique flavor.  It would make a marvelous straight up veggie dip, and I’d love to give it a try in a pasta salad or in a wrap.  It’s a bit on the pricey side compared to what I usually buy, but the line itself has some unique flavors I’ve not seen before, so I’ll definitely be giving some of the others a try.  Look for this in the refrigerated section around all the fresh salad ingredients.
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