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Mix It Up Monday: Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

October 1, 2012

When you go gluten free, of course the biggest thing you crave are all the things you aren’t supposed to have.  That includes good sandwich bread.  We’ve tried a handful of recipes with varying degrees of success.  Most were okay for regular sandwiches, but were epic epic fail for grilled cheeses (which, IMO, constitute their own food group as a go to meal).  So I’ve been on a bit of a crusade.  And this weekend, at long long last, after an endless and arduous (okay, not really) two year search, I had the good sense to try the sandwich bread from The Art of Gluten Free Baking.  Jeanne is fabulous and so is this bread.  See this?  THIS is a perfect, roasty toasty, ooey gooey grilled cheese.  Yes, I know, it looks like a waffle.  Because I make my grilled cheeses on the waffle iron (it’s how my granddaddy did it for me as a kid).  You should try it some time.  Faster and no flipping required.




The only change that I made was to use water for the milk and add the requisite amount of powdered milk to the recipe.  Oh, and I added an extra 5 minutes bake time because the first time I made this, the middle was still a little doughy.  That’s it.  FABULOUS.  Highly recommended.

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