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About Me

I love food. Love. It. It’s one of my chief pleasures in life, and my only regret is that God didn’t give me a metabolism to balance it out! But since He didn’t, it’s a great goal of mine to create recipes that are healthy, healthful and lower fat and lower cal so that I can keep eating! I’m from Mississippi–yes the fattest state in the country–but I’m not a traditional southern cook. I’ve never deep fried anything in my life. I’m a huge fan of cooking with flavor not fat, so you will often see me substituting Splenda for sugar, Egg Beaters for full eggs, applesauce for oil, etc. I love to experiment and my spice rack is my best friend. But you can be sure that I’ll point you toward recipes that contain ingredients you can generally find at your regular small town grocery store. No specialized Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s ingredients here–the nearest one is 3 hours away!

I believe in trying new things. The rule in our house is that my hubby (the picky eater) has to TRY a bite of everything. If he doesn’t like it after that, fine. But he has to try. And usually he finds out that he likes it after all. See, we’ve both discovered that there are many foods we didn’t like growing up. Turns out we just didn’t like the way our mamas cooked them (shhh, don’t tell). And remember, you get a new set of tastebuds every seven years, so even stuff you didn’t used to like, try it now and again. You might surprise yourself!

And if you’re looking for what I do when I’m not in the kitchen, hop on over to My author website.

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